GKS – What is it?

Sri Prabhudananda Saraswati Maharaj (Sri Sai Gopala Krishna, Sri Gopal Baba) during His visit to Mumbai had consented to a formation of a group of Satsangh devotees under the banner of Ganga Kaveri Sangam. The underlying meaning of “GKS – Ganga Kaveri Sangam” is very deep.

“Ga” stands for Ganga which is the holiest of rivers in India. It originates from the Himalayas and is said to have its origines in the Jattha or the matted hair of the Lord Shiva. Even scientifically it is a proved fact that no bacteria can survive in the Ganges water.
“Ka” stands for Kaveri. Kaveri is the river in the south where Swamiji resides. Kaveri too is a well known holy river of the South India.
“G” also stands for “Gynana” or the “Knowledge” whereas “K” stands for “Karma” or “Work”. The unity of Karma and Gynana is very important in any aspect of work. Any work done with the knowledge of the eternal becomes Pure and Divine.
It is the unity of north and south representing that there is no barrier which divides the south with the north and that all the boundaries of different regions is man made. Every living being has to perform Karma or duty. But Karma has to be performed with knowledge so that our past karmas get reduced. This is the purpose of being born in the form of human body. Once our karmas get reduced we become one with the Lord and become the Lord Himself.

The outer ring is the “Sarva Dharma” symbol expressing that there is no religion greater than the other religion and that all religions are one and that there is only one GOD. The Lotus represents “Purity”. Though Lotus lives in the dirt, it does not allow the dirt to enter itself. Not one drop of water can remain in the Lotus. So also we should do our duties without getting attached to the result and try to remove the “Doership”. Though it is very important to be in the world, we should take care to see that the world is not inside us.

The “Omkar” or the primordial sound. This is also called as the “Pranava”. This represents the property of the “Atman”. It signifies that there is no shape not form for it. It is plain vibration. “Aum” consists of “Aa-kara”, “Uu-kara” and “Ma-kara”. All religions chant the primordial sound. When muslims say “Allah” it starts with “Aa-kara” and when christians say “Amen” they also do the same. It exists all the time in our breath. As long as we breath this sound continues.

Doing Karma with Gynana and remembering that all religions are one and keeping our goal as the ultimate and using Pranava as our mantra gives us the illumination for which we have come and for which we have formed our Satsangh.
Karma is the most precious form of worhip in the “Kaliyuga”. Karma done without Gynana or Knowledge is a waste and people label him/her as a mad person. Like the great saint of Karnataka propogated “Karmam is Kailasam”, meaning that work is worship and that is the way to Kailasam or the place where Lord Shiva resides. Even our beloved Bhagawan Baba keeps on telling us that first you become “Kinkara” automatically you will become “Shankara”. “Kinkara” means worker. Swami also tells us that if everyone wants to sit in the palanquin who will carry the palanquin. First try to lift the palanquin and do the work of the Lord. Then he will give us the eligibility of sitting in the palanquin.

With such deep meaning our Swami has formed the GKS we all should entrain the same in our heart and mind to reach up to his expectations.

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