Divine Discourse at Sri Kshethra Jyothir Mutt

Swami’s Divine Discourse at Sri Kshethra Jyothir Mutt, in Harihara town, Karnataka, India about 285 kms away from Girinagar (enroute Bangalore- Mumbai road) on the occassion of Bhimaratha Shanthi, 70th year celebrations of Shri Veerendra Swamiji
who stayed there on 24th April, 2013,(incidently Mahasamadhi day of Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba).

Sthapakaya cha Dharmasya, Sarva Dharma Swaroopineh,
Avathara varishtaaya Shri Ramakrishnaya teh Namaha.

(To the One who came to establish spirituality, the One who is the personification of all faiths and religions, the One who is the greatest embodiment of the Divine, the greatest among Incarnations,
to that Ramakrishna, I offer my salutations.)

Embodiments of the Divine Atma,
Today is a very auspicious and a special day. Jantunam nara janma durlabah. Of all births, human birth is the rarest to obtain.
In the case of humanity, man is bestowed with a special power, that is a knowledge, which is not found in other creatures.
When God has given man this special power, should man lead his life like any other creature?
God has given man the power of knowledge so that he can uplift himself and achieve his goal, to obtain the vision of God, something which is impossible for other births .
For this a guide in the form of a Guru is necessary.
When there is no Guru, then there will be no Guri (Goal).
Unfortunately in this Kaliyuga, you find wrong people everywhere in the garb of Guru’s. These so called Guru’s wearing ochre clothes are actually Kuru’s( painful boils) to society.
However, a true Guru is one who leads us from darkness to light. He has no caste or religion,is Universal and represents all forms of society.
Does the Sun represent any caste or religion? No. A Guru is like that.
Here you are all lucky to have Shri Veerendra Swamiji as your Guru. There is a saying in Kannada:
If Hari (Vishnu) gets angry, there is Hara(Shiva) to save you.
If Hara gets angry you have Guru to save you.
But if Guru is angry you are helpless and none can save you.

Inspite of having a lot of work, I have come here only because of the reciprocating Love of your Guru here. You may think why I am talking about my work only when you all too have work to do.
There is a difference. I work for the welfare of the Universe unlike you all who think from only your family point of view. Today the majority of you are all from the Viswakarma society. The Vishwakarma society works for the benefit of the world.
(People representing the Vishwakarma soceity are adept in Jewellery making, temple architecture carpentry and many other such works related to mostly art and architecture)
This Universe is the work of the Creator Brahma. So Lord Brahma is also a Vishwakarma. I am a great admirer of Temple architecture. Whenever I visit different temple’s I gaze at the Idols and admire their architecture. According to me any work is a part of Vishwakarma( Universal karma). Take the case of a Doctor, he is Danavanthri (an Avatar of Vishnu, He appears in the Puranas as the physician of the gods ).
Dear children, do your work for the welfare of your country. Work honestly, control your desires and serve the society with integrity and honesty. A true Guru shows his devotee the righteous path and points out the mistakes of his devotee whenever he indulges in corrupt practices. Unfortunately some of the present day Guru’s remain silent watching their devotees indulging in corruption.
Take the example of Lord Krishna. He always used to point out the mistakes of Arjuna and set him on the path of righteousness. However Shakuni always praised the Kauravas even when they were treading the wrong path which resulted in their destruction. So the society needs true Guru’s like Lord Krishna.
Shri Veerendra Swamiji is here to guide you all. Let the lord give him good health and a long life to serve you all. Today all the speakers preceding me spoke very well, especially Mr Ashok, the lawyer whose speech was fast and sharp like the Jog Falls. Mr Bhaskar, the IAS officer spoke gently like the river Kaveri.
Now it is very late in the afternoon. you all have discarded hunger to fill yourself with the food of divine knowledge that has been served here. I am very happy.
Let this place give you all knowledge, confidence and faith.
Guru Krupa Pavo mere Bhai.
Oh my brother, come! And receive in abundance the divine blessing of your Guru.
Let all of you get the divine blessings of the Guru.
Let all of you work united and protect this Guru’s abode.
Let all of you live in peace, prosperity and happiness.
My blessings to all.
Jai Sai Ram!

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