Premature baby turns healthy with Swami’s blessing

Aum Sri Sairam.
Kushi was born on June 19th 2002 in Chitradurga.

Veena and Kushi

She was a premature baby (six and half months) and weighing just 1500 grams. She was under prenatal care and was shifted to a hospital in Davanagere for incubation. When she was one month old she developed hydrocephalus a sickness which causes accumulation of water in the head. Everyday the size of her head was increasing by 2mm and the Neonatologist Dr Guru Prasad advised immediate operation.

Veena my wife was against this, She wanted to take the baby to Swamy first before any operations. Monday morning after Swamy’s Rudrabhishekam, Kushi was presented to Swamy.
Swamy held Kushi at the feet of Baba’s Idol for a few minutes, then returned her back, smiling and assuring us that the baby would be completely alright. This gave us a lot of courage and we took her to K.R.Hospital near Girinagar for admission. However the doctor examining Kushi said since the baby was too weak, he advised to bring her back for operation after 15 days.

Swami Gopal Baba gives blessing

Kushi was taken home, daily taken care with holy water and Swami’s vibhuthi, and again brought back to the hospital after 2 weeks.
A scanning was done, and the doctor was surprised to see that the head which was increasing everyday by 2 mm had stopped and the size was same as it was 15 days before. It was happily decided to keep Kushi under observations again for another 15 days before any operations.
Another 15 days passed and we brought our precious little daughter again in for a scan.
A big miracle had happened!
The water which had accumulated in her head had drained off on its own and everything was normal.
Despite all these incidents Kushi grew up into a beautiful compassionate girl, who loves animals very much. She is a divine gift to our house, bringing lots of happiness to us and those around her. Even the name Swami gave her is so fitting for this bubbling young woman.
With Swamy’s grace she recently she got a first class in her schooling and Swami has blessed her for many more gold medals in life…

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