Message from Sri Gopalkrishna Baba

I want to remind you that I am a servant of Sri Sathya Sai, my Lord and my All.
Except for this I hold no other office or position in this world. How can I then delegate my authority and powers to some other person?
Devotees I have, no delegates!
I invite all of you to join me in my servitude of my Master and spread his message;
Love All and Serve All.
A true devotee is hard to find and I urge you to be very careful and circumspect in all your dealings. In this world of appearances there are many who appear as devotees and want to impress people with their powers and attainments.
The great Hanuman described himself as a humble servant of Lord Ram.
My mission, entrusted to me by Sri Sathya Sai, is to help and support all devotees in their devotion and its expression through unselfish acts of public good, community service and global harmony and peace.
Gopal Baba

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