Gopal Baba in Padmanabha temple

Sep 2nd and 3rd Swamy visited Chennai. Kamakshi and Palani Subramnya idols are getting ready at places called Arakkonam and MahaBalipuram near Chennai. These two idols will be installed in “Skanda Ashram”. Swamy wanted to check once these idols before they are completed.

We started from Bangalore on 2nd after Rudra Abhishekam. Initially we went to a village near Arakkonam to see “Kamakshi Idol”.Swamy was very happy to see the way Idol has come out. Swamy mentioned some modifications. After checking the Kamakshi idol we left for Chennai.

Next day morning Swamy visited Mr. Pradeep Rao’s family’s “Padmanabha Swamy” temple. Temple authorities gave grand welcome to Swamy. Swamy was asked to do Alakaram to “Lord Padmanabha Swamy”. Swamy, also gave Aarathi to “Padmanabha Swamy Idol”. In the temple Sathya Sai Seva Samithi people arranged bhajan sessions.
Swamy enjoyed the Bhajans and Sang one Bhajan. Swamy also gave a discourse.


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